A Couples Massage

    Reassurance is looking to your left or right and seeing your loved one right beside you. For those individuals who may be new to the spa world, having your loved one right beside can be very reassuring and comforting. During a couple’s massage, two people are massaged in the same room at the same time, by two different people. In order to better meet our client’s needs, each therapist has an individual conversation with his/her client before the session begins. Depending on the individual you may choose to remain silent or converse with either your partner  or therapist during the session. A couple’s massage provides an intimate setting focused on relaxation and therapeutic massage. In addition to the benefits of any therapeutic massage, a couple’s massage allows that experience of relaxation and rejuvenation to be shared together.


    Here at Heavenly Garden, our goal is to tailor each and every client’s experience based on initial intake information as well as feedback during the treatments during the session. We want your shared experience to be memorable both physically and emotionally. By providing our clients with therapeutic massages in an intimate setting we hope to further strengthen your relationship We are currently offering a Couple’s Massage special on Living Social so be sure to check it out. Once you’ve purchased your living social deal, give us a call and set your appointment.

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