Spa Vacation

Today marks the sixth official day of summer. By now most people have already planned their summer vacations and began checking things off of their summer bucket list. Now is the time to truly indulge yourself after working hard for the past year. It is also the time to relieve yourself of work-related stress both physical and mental. Accumulation of stress can be very dangerous to your health, luckily spa vacations are designed especially for you. As more and more people began to  understand the long-term effects stress, spa vacations are increasing in popularity further showing its effectiveness. Combine your need to reduce stress by visiting our spa during your vacation.


Already familiar with spas? Try something new. Here at Heavenly Garden A Spa we offer a 2 hour Renew and Awaken massage which includes hot stones. The heat from the hot stones help your muscles to relax more deeply and relieve tension built over time.This may be exactly what you need in order to revitalise, rejuvenate and reset the body prior to your leaving our spa. Along with our 2 hour Renew and Awaken massage we offer couples massage, swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, facials and waxing services.

Rather than booking an appointment at a spa resort, save yourself the extra travel time and cost by visiting your neighborhood spa right here in Greenbelt,MD. Heavenly Garden A Spa provides a luxurious spa environment and a "home spa" feel without the hefty price tag. We provide a unique spa experience and welcome the opportunity to become a part of your regularly scheduled spa experience. 

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