Educators Think Massage

Educators throughout the DMV lend me your ears! The sounds you hear are the anxious and enthusiastic voices of the children awaiting your return to their smiling faces! Admittedly, I’m saying this somewhat tongue in cheek because each of my three children are teachers and I know the challenges related to what you folks do each day!
Hopefully it’s been a great summer and you’ve been able to recharge those batteries in preparation of getting back in there for another school year. And to assist in sustaining the energy levels (mental and physical ) you’ll need throughout the year, Heavenly Garden A Spa (HGS) would like to offer our services and availability. We feel adding a scheduled massage whether once or twice a month would significantly increase your resiliency and resolve.
Give us a call to book that 1st appointment and we’re confident you’ll want to incorporate visiting your HGS therapist frequently into your recoup and recovery efforts!
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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