Managing Life with Massage

Heavenly Garden  A Spa’s monthly Garden Club Membership is the perfect monthly subscription for you for some specific reasons,


  1. Our membership is unlike any other Spa’s Monthly Subscription because of it’s perks. We allow credit sharing; share your membership with ANYONE & receive a free service after referring 4 new people to our spa. Credits can roll over month to month and along with our priority booking, members receive gift card discounts during holidays.
  2. Massage isn’t just for a day of pampering. Massage is a necessary addition to day to day healthy living. Massage helps with depression and diabetes, pregnancy & post-partum depression, after-care for surgery, and injury via car accident or sports. Our owner, Leah specializes in managing some former athletes using massage technique that treats athletes of all stages; the morning jogger, body builder, football or basketball player or former athlete.
  3. Heavenly Garden A Spa’s membership also offers luxury services at a nearly 50% discount at the monthly rate beginning at $55.

Visit our membership page & sign up:

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