Our Mission

Our mission is to run a profitable business by providing high-end quality products, affordable therapeutic massage in an esthetically beautiful, upscale, professional environment. We offer massage in a variety of styles – traditional Swedish massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Reflexology.

Our goal is to tailor the client’s experience based on initial intake information, as well as feedback during the treatments, to ensure the client’s comfort and satisfaction are priority number one, is maximized which will solidify repeat business and expansion opportunities. We are mindful of the overall experience – using only the finest massage creams, gels and lotions, and aromatherapies. Special lighting, customize music; decor, and textiles are used throughout the spa to complete the comfortable, green and plush environment to enhance the client’s overall spa experience.

Heavenly Gore

Meet Leah

A licensed Massage Therapist for 10 years and after significant studies and analysis, Leah Gore has discovered that one the leading causes of recurring common ailments and diseases is related to stress. She’s dedicated her career to helping clients identify and embrace a holistic approach to living their lives one day at a time with massage as a key component to that effort!

She’s a Baltimore School of Massage graduate located in Lithicum, Maryland and is certified in hot stone, prenatal, aromatherapy, sports massage and reflexology. She also specializes in deep tissue massage and myofascia release techniques.

From the beginning Leah’s vision has been to introduce massage as an invaluable resource to enhance your life both from a physical and mental perspective.