Frequently Asked Questions

How long is an average day at your spa?

An average day could run anywhere between two hours to four hours, it depends on how long you want to relax.

I want a tall, Swedish, blonde massage therapist, can I call and pick that?

No, when calling, you can pick a service provider based on gender, however we do not provide information on whether they are of a certain ethnicity, height, weight, age, stature or anything that would lend itself to the appearance of discriminatory practices.We will accommodate based on skill set and the needs that you provide for us.

Are the service providers licensed and or registered with the state? Can they show these licenses on site?

Definitely, we only employ state license professionals.

Can I allow my small pet to accompany me while  in my service?

We love animals, however we only allow service animals to be brought to the spa area at this time.

Can I bring alcohol into the spa event, I want to celebrate a special occasion or just for my birthday?

Only on certain occasions will we allow alcohol into the spa given that you sign a consent form and a release of liability. A 24 hour notice is required in order to notify management on duty that you are bringing in alcohol along with your own supplies to drink it.

Can I bring my significant other or friend to relax with me for massage or facial?

Yes, you can bring your significant other or friend for a relaxing massage, we accomodate couples.

Can I bring my own music or my own massage cream, I don’t like what’s provided by most spas?

Yes, you can provide your own music or massage cream ,we want you comfortable in your session, so if you have certain allergies or prefer a certain type of music for relaxing, we will gladly accommodate that.

Can I get a medical receipts for my massage?

Yes, we provide medical receipts for insurance reimbursement.

How can I tip my service provider?

You can tip your service provider with the envelope provided or on a credit card.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also offer a gift card for print or to be shipped and can be purchased on our website.

Once we visit your home, can I stay with the same service provider?

Absolutely, staying with the same service provider assures the same great service you get the first time around.


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